Remembering Tony Piper

It was with great sadness that we heard on Thursday evening last, that a great and much loved Cornish patriot had lost his health battle and had died. Tony Piper.

Former boat builder and policeman, it does not do him justice to mention just a few of contributions but he was prominent in so many Cornish organisations. Cornish Solidarity, Chairman of the Cornish Branch of the International Celtic Congress, a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Bewnans Kernow, and proud Cornish tartan kilted banner bearer at so many St Piran’s day and other parades over the years.

A representative of the Celtic League said, “Today we remember Tony Piper . ‘Pipes’ as he was known to so many, was an ‘Old Hill Boy’ from Falmouth, Cornwall. Pipes served as a police officer and in his heart was always an outstanding Cornish patriot. A Bard of Gorsedh Kernow and always to be seen at the front of processions with a huge banner Piran with a smile as big as the flag! His love of Kernow was undoubted. He was a member of many Celtic organisations and was known far and wide. RIP Pipes. See you on the next time round pard!”

An opinion piece contributed to this e-magazine earlier this year shows the passion of the man for his land and people: acknowledges the life of Tony Piper and sends condolences to family and friends – and we say, may you always be in Cornish hearts Pipes.

21 October, 2013

A parade in Truro, with Tony Piper on the right