Gorsedh Young People’s Award Winners 2022

Gorsedh Kernow is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s awards.

The judges were overjoyed with the quality and sense of pride in Cornwall, its landscape, history, culture, and people in this year’s submissions.

In particular, they were delighted to receive whole school projects from Trythall School, glorious singing from Treloweth School as well as creative and imaginative individual submissions from Cusgarne school.

“It is always uplifting to see the children’s submissions. They bring colour to the day in so many ways. Splann!” Pol Hodge, Grand Bard

The winners will receive their awards along with the adult award winners in a special ceremony in Hayle in September as parrt of the Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture.

Young People's Awards 2022

The Award winners for 2022 are:

Yeth Kernewek – Cornish Language
1st Prize
Trythall School Y’n Kammow a Gewri – In the Footsteps of Giants
Ilow Kernewek Cornish Music
1st Prize
Treloweth School – Cornwall My Home

1st Prize
Jemma Chaisty Holing in Kernow
Highly Commended
Rosie Etherington Interview with my Pappy

School award
1st Prize
Trythall School Drollys Trewreydhyel – Trythall Tales
Ist Prize
Merryn Joyce – Memories of a Local Farmer
Highly Commended
Erin Hughes Cakes and Ale

Art – Under 7
1st Prize
Emily Joyce I love Cornwall Because …
Highly Commended
India Jolly Redruth’s Red River
Jennifer Beveridge A Map of Walking about Cornwall
Isabelle Waskett Lighthouse at Sunset which has been Invaded by the Legendary Piskies

Art 8-11
1st Prize
Louie Campling Model of a Cornish Engine House
Highly Commended
Jemma and Marissa Barnard Cornwall our Home
Erica Gill Cornish Engine House
Skyla-Mae Jolly The Cornish traditions
Theo Waskett Lighthouse at Sunset which has been Invaded by the Legendary Piskies

30th June, 2022

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