[Bewans Kernow] Equality impact of ‘Core Strategy’ for Cornwall

Bewnans Kernow writes this week:  “Cornwall Council is in the process of preparing a ‘Core Strategy for Cornwall’ which proposes the building of 48,000 new houses in 20 years.  This will clearly bring huge changes to Cornwall and to the people who live here.

The Management Committee of Bewnans Kernow (the partnership of 65 Cornish cultural organisations) is concerned about the demographic and cultural impact the proposed changes will have.

These potential impacts are shown in a Report on the Cornwall Council Core Strategy Preferred Approach Equality Impact Assessment (attached here:  Bewnans Kernow CC Core Strategy EqIA Report especially relevant pp14-17).

A helpful and constructive meeting was held recently with Cornwall Council planning officers.  The Report was well received and the validity of the points made are accepted.

The key issues include:

– The number of people who are of Cornish origin/self-identification in Cornwall is currently likely to be in the region of 175,000-200,000.
– The Core Strategy seeks to facilitate in-migration of 80,000-100,000 people
within 20 years.
– This will considerably alter the proportions of the population in Cornwall.
– For every one per cent rise in the population the proportion of native Cornish falls by around 0.7 per cent.

It is really important at this stage in the development of this Plan to let Cornwall Council know if you have concerns about this. It may also be helpful to the Council as they will need to make the case to Government about the number of houses Cornwall will be asked to accommodate.
Bewnans Kernow has asked Cornwall Council to put forward a special case to Government due to the specific make-up of our population here.
Please re-inforce this message by circulating this to your networks and by writing to the following people:
Cllr Mark Kaczmarek – Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing
Terry Grove-White – Assistant Head of Planning and Regeneration (Strategic)


Cllr Carolyn Rule – Portfolio Holder for Equalities

Cllr Mario Fonk – Equalities Champion

Your representatives in Cornwall
Your MP
Your Cornwall Councillor

Yn brederedh,
Mick Paynter (Chairman)
and the Management Committee of Bewnans Kernow