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A bridge too far? Polson Bridge Cornwall’s protectors make a stand

Lies berdh a dheth dhe Bons Pollmen de, ow komprehendya Bardh Meur Kernow….. “Gwithoryon on ni, nyns in ni protestyoryon!” Many bards came to Polson Bridge yesterday, including the Grand…

AV rejected but electoral and constitutional reform still needed

The UK wide referendum on the proposed introduction of an optional preferential Alternative Vote (AV) system last week resulted in a clear rejection of, in Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s pre-election…

Fulup Hosking: Fair Representation means respecting the England-Cornwall border

THE Parliamentary Voting and Constituencies Bill passed its second reading in Westminster Parliament and has gone through further Committee stages. If this bill becomes law it will result in the creation of a Devonwall parliamentary constituency, thus violating Cornwall’s centuries old frontier with England. This will continue the blending of Cornwall out of existence and into the ‘South West of England’, ‘West Country’ or whatever people who should know better want to call it… Read more

Tamar Rally makes a clear statement

Hundreds of Cornish people have protested against the Devonwall constituency proposals.

[Celtic League: Kernow] Hunger Strike Protest Over Electoral Boundary Changes

Passionate Cornishman, Celtic League Secretary, and Radio broadcaster Michael Chappell has commenced a hunger strike in opposition to the Government’s Electoral Bill that would overturn Cornwall’s over 1,000 year border for UK Parliamentary representation for purist mathematical ‘equality’

Rally to Keep Cornwall Whole!

A rally is planned to protest the Devonwall constituency.

“Devonwall Bill” passes to next stage

The bill that proposes a cross-border Cornwall and Devon constituency has passed its second reading in Parliament.