Unlike Iceland, we can thank our lucky stars

Unlike Iceland, we can thank our lucky stars

We, who populate the Duchy of Cornwall, tend to spend far too much time, watching & oft  times criticising our English & European neighbours.

This, instead of keeping our shoulder to the wheel, whilst at the same time working diligently & expeditiously in part time employment for remuneration which, if you are fortunate, may equal the agreed ‘national’ minimum wage.

Rest from your labours for a moment and feast your eyes on all those seaside cottages which are owned by comparatively rich people who live elsewhere east of the Tamar. Lift your eyes skywards and offer up a prayer of thanks to those generous benefactors/second home owners who provide employment (for cash in hand ?) to regiments of decorators, kitchen fitters, etc.

Do not despair poor Cornish person if you are still living with mum & dad even though you are approaching your 45th birthday. The Westminster Government  (NB. Westminster is a club for posh blokes about 300 miles east of the Amazon, blast, meant Tamar) and the bloke in charge of that club, David Cam – moron, is intent on overseeing the building of tens of thousands of houses on empty spaces, across the little land of Kernow.

That’s prime agricultural land to you and I. All this to provide lots of ‘affordable homes’. Isn’t that nice? It gets even better folks, honestly! Our benevolent feudal lord and master The Duke of Cornwall (Some belligerent nationalists have had the effrontery to call him Wing-nut Windsor) smitten by his social conscience has decided to help provide more work through his mates at Waitrose supermarkets who will build a new shop on the eastern outskirts of Truro in which to showcase ‘Duchy Original’ products.

Our Lord and master is doing all within his power to bring this project to fruition and as a practical demonstration of his ‘green’ credentials is committed to providing an adjacent park & ride/car park, so that all those lazy good for nothing wasters on ‘job seekers allowance’ can arrive for work on time and for minimal cost at the new shop and all this on one of those ridiculous empty spaces, which for many years had been a productive Duchy of Cornwall owned dairy farm.

Good, eh?

Unlike Iceland, we can thank our lucky stars that we have a free and democratic press, who operate within the confines of the law, but who from time to time are obliged not to publish some stories due to the lack of editorial space/integrity……

Tony Piper

Kernow – February, 2013