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Policing in Cornwall may be even more from ‘up country’

In a ConDem government move than would further distance policing of Cornwall from the community of the Duchy, the UK Government’s so-called Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill is at…

[Bewnans Kernow] Cultural cooperation latest news and background

Bewnans Kernow  (the Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations) is set for a big 2011, having completed the all important nine month review with Cornwall Council on 20 October 2010. Bewnans…

[Bewnans Kernow] 2011 BK Conference for cultural organisations

Bewnans Kernow 2011 Conference Theme: ‘Cornish Identity – Good for business’ Welcome & introduction: Presenters: Cllr Pat Harvey, Chair, Cornwall Council – Cllr Alec Robertson. Leader, Cornwall Council – Mick…

Kernewek Lowender – the World’s Largest Cornish Festival

38 years of exploring the Cornish heritage on the North Yorke Peninsular in Australia will next be celebrated at the 20th Kernewek Lowender in May 2011

Rally to Keep Cornwall Whole!

A rally is planned to protest the Devonwall constituency.