[Bewnans Kernow] Cultural cooperation latest news and background

Bewnans Kernow  (the Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations) is set for a big 2011, having completed the all important nine month review with Cornwall Council on 20 October 2010.

Bewnans Kernow, which is a name in Kernewek and means in English – ‘Life of Cornwall’, was first established in 2008 at the request of Cornwall Council to enable the indigenous Cornish Cultural Sector to engage with the Cornwall Cultural Partnership. A Constitution was adopted by the member organisations at the 27 February 2010 General meeting.

The Partnership’s objects are to:

1. Support, promote and develop all aspects of indigenous Cornish culture;
2. Advocate for the Cornish People and its cultural distinctiveness;
3. Provide capacity building expertise to member organisations;
4. Be a single point of entry on issues relating to Cornish culture;
5. Support and co-operate with those Cornish Associations outside of Cornwall, including those of the Cornish Diaspora

A full listing of the currently 47 full and many more Associate organisations may be found on the BK web site, and of course more details including the management committee.

In support of object 5., details of the Cornish disapora may be found at:

courtesy of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies.

Message from the Chairman – Mick Paynter, Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow:

“This Organisation continues to increase its influence and status despite the uncertainties and the threat implicit in the current economic and political situation. This continuing development remains a joy to me although the challenge now must be to retain our voice at the table and to weather the current storms to arrive at less turbulent times with our working partnership with Konsel Kernow (Cornwall Council) intact.

The Open Gorsedd at St Ives has encouraged me in my belief that this will be achieved. The large turn out, both of bards and the general public demonstrates the upbeat nature of support for the advance of our aims and the statements of the leading lights of the Council, at the Open Gorsedd, at the Bardic Tea, and in private make it clear that the Council is both willing and keen for our dialogue to continue. The financial situation in which we find ourselves  will not last forever, the Council is convinced that it is well placed to overcome it and we must make sure that we are there arguing that the proper weight is given to our Culture when that happens”.

Secretary’s Column:

It has been an incredibly busy time in Bewnans Kernow in 2010. The big news is the launch of our Website http://www.bewnanskernow.org.uk
and I thank Cornwall Council and Andrew Morris for making this possible. Log on often to keep abreast of things.

We have received a great deal of positive feedback on the new logo too, again designed by Andrew Morris. It was hard to find a unique symbol that could capture the very wide range of organisations in Cornish culture, but the stylised symbol of Gwennap Pit was felt to be identifiable with any Cornish organisation.

Our February Conference is taking shape for the topic ‘Cornish Identity – Good for Business’. We have confirmed a number of presenters including Kevin Lavery, Malcolm Bell, Will Coleman, Bert Biscoe, David Rodda and Julie Russell from the Welsh Tourist Board. There will be plenty of time and space for important networking and also plenary sessions for members to have input. We are taking place at Lys Kernow (‘County’ Hall) in the Council chamber so plenty of room for people to attend. Our AGM will follow.

By the way, I see that the translation ‘Lys Kernow’ is now on the board as you come into the drive of that building. I had rather hoped that we would completely replace the name with the Cornish equivalent rather than just ‘bilingual’ it, but one step at a time I guess.

We have completed our all important nine month review with Cornwall Council on 20 October

Grant agency Perfect Moment are working with the Cornish Wrestling Association on their grant application which has been funded from sector development funds allocated to Bewnans Kernow by Cornwall Council.

Plans were now finalised for the recent special winter openings of Chysauster.

Bewnans Kernow has been successful in its second application for funding, this time through FEAST. We will use the funding and match funding from the sector development funds (if approved by our Management Committee) to commission the St Piran in Penwith group to develop and deliver a St Piran’s event organisers pack and pilot three new towns for St Piran’s events.

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(Slightly edited and updated: 25 January 2011)