Perthi cov (Remember) Howard Curnow

The passing of a great Cornishman, Howard Curnow, whose death on 9th June, 2021 is a huge loss to those who loved him and for his beloved Cornish people and Duchy, is mourned around the world.

An innovative and creative thinker, firmly and proudly Cornish, Howard was so many things to so very many of us – he was a teacher and keen supporter of youth, a Bard of Gorseth Kernow, an inspirational and truthful campaigner for Cornish matters, a friend and mentor of many around the world, and a indefatigable worker to bring knowledge and and love of heritage to the diaspora of Cornwall.

His worldwide Curnow clan, many dressed in newly designed Curnow tartan, owe him a huge debt in their local Cornish Associations, esp. in North America. Rousing Town crier at Helston’s Hal an Tow on Flora Day for decades. He was instrumental in the revival of the use of the people’s banner, that black and white flag of St Piran to fly proudly, and transformed St Pirans Day with marches and parades  (5th March each year), in the 1997 Keskerdh Kernow 500 march to London in commemoration of uprising in that year, and the new Arwen ceremony of the Gorsedh which focusses on the young..

Farmer. Singer. Story teller. Motivator. Leader. A thorn in the side of those needing pricking – This list is far from exhaustive.

Howard was Barded as KERNOW (reflecting his family name) at Marazion in 1990. He was the current Overseas Visitors Steward, and Bardic Council Member since 2009.

Born John Howard Curnow in November, 1936, third of seven children, at his families farm in his beloved St. Hillary, his death at 84 leaves his widow Elizabeth, his sister, and children by a former marriage, and family around the world, and us all with a huge sadness.

Disqwitha yn cres (Rest in peace) 9 June, 2021

Photo: Howard leading the Hal an Tow in Helston in the 1990s.

St Pirans flag raising in Grass Valley, California, USA