Adding to the 3Rs – Identity – Another Look!

Since just 2006 school children in Cornwall have rightly been allowed to record themselves (or via their parents for the younger ones) as ‘ethnically’ Cornish or at least ‘identifying as Cornish’, on the annual Schools Census (PLASC). e-magazine supports the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child; “States shall respect the right of a child to preserve his or her identity. Where a child is illegally deprived of some or all elements of his or her identity, States will provide appropriate assistance and protection with a view to re-establishing speedily his or her identity“.

Since then the number identifying as Cornish rose, by 2017, from 24% to 51.5%.

Sadly there has been some decline since then.

The figures:
2006: 24 percent
2007: 27 percent
2008: 30 percent
2009: 34 percent
2010: 37 percent
2011: 41 percent
2012: 43.2 percent
2013: 46 percent
2014: 48 percent
2015: 49.5 percent
2016: 50.6 percent [back in the majority]
2017 – 51.1% [a 115% increase since 2006]
2018 – 49.8% [the rise is turned to a slide]
2019 – 46.0% [this significant reduction could do with some investigation]
2020 – 45.9%

Has something changed in how it is collected or coded, or is it a flood of in-migrants that has reduced the percentage, driven by UK government policies, in clear violation of Article 16 of the FCPNM?

Many thanks for the latest figures to Matt Blewett, of Kernow Matters To US (KMTU) (who are continuing to keep an eye on this indicator) for the FOI request and the figures from it!

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