‘I’ for identity, revisited

Since just 2006 school children in Cornwall have rightly been allowed to record themselves (or via their parents for the younger ones) as ‘ethnically’ Cornish or at least identifying as Cornish, on the annual Schools Census (PLASC).

Since then the number identifying as Cornish has risen from 24% to 46%.

2006: 24 percent

2007: 27 percent

2008: 30 percent

2009: 34 percent

2010: 37 percent

2011: 41 percent

2012: 43.2 percent

2013: 46 percent

A 92% increase in 7 years!


Will a majority be reached in 2014 or 2015?

More detailed results PLASC_2012_2013

With the so-called ‘White British’ category likely to contain many incomer Scots and Welsh, and ‘non-white’ categories not providing for Cornish, are the Cornish already the largest single group?

The proportion categorised (largely by their parents) as Cornish is rising especially as new nursery and primary pupils enter school. The timing of the proposed new Cornish-English medium nursery school, recently crowdfunded, looks solid.

Additionally, the percentages of Cornish for each of the separate primary/nursery, secondary, and special school groups have risen over time.

The levels are now reaching the stage where it could be that as well as a good proportion of those now identifying as Cornish by ancestry, or by birth, there are some incomers who have adopted Cornwall as their nation included.

If it wasn’t for the UK policies encouraging in-migration could the Cornish, and those identifying with their new homeland, reclaim control of their homeland of Kernow one day?

A sign of Cornish national maturity more like Scotland today perhaps?

As we said in 2011; To the three Rs, add I for Identity!

“States shall respect the right of a child to preserve his or her identity. Where a child is illegally deprived of some or all elements of his or her identity, States will provide appropriate assistance and protection with a view to re-establishing speedily his or her identity“.

United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child

Background reading on Cornish Identity: http://celticcouncil.org.au/cornish/nsw/merlib/Cornish_Minority_Report_Two.pdf


December, 2013