[New Book] ‘Following ‘An Gof’: Leonard Truran, Cornish Activist and Publisher’

following-an-gof-derek-williamsBy Derek R. Williams:

Len Truran was, until his death in 1997, a highly influential figure within the fields of politics and culture in Cornwall.

He joined Mebyon Kernow in 1964 and, over the years, acted as both secretary and chairman of the party.

His publications, under the imprint of Dyllansow Truran, are widely recognised as being seminal in the story of Cornish publishing.

In this book, Derek R. Williams explores the life of Len Truran, from his childhood through to his pivotal role in Mebyon Kernow and the campaign for the creation of a Cornish Assembly and on to the remarkably prolific and influential publisher he became.

Len Truran

Len Truran

ISBN: 9781908878113
Publisher: The Cornovia Press (www.cornoviapress.co.uk)
Price: £7.99

The book can be ordered from most bookshops in Cornwall, and from various online outlets such as Amazon.com and Lulu.com

[Editor: I knew Len Truran in his book publishing days, and along with his brother Lambert, was a truly remarkable Cornish patriot and contributor to Cornwall.]