[Gorsedh Kernow] 2nd Ceremony of the Awen

2nd Ceremony of the Awen, By Howard Curnow

Despite the deluge during the previous night, the final vestiges of which were still evident at 9.30 am on the morning of Sunday 24th June, the Ceremony of the AWEN to celebrate the Mid-Summer Solstice went ahead as planned, beneath glorious shafts of sunshine at the ancient meeting place of Bards, Boscawen Un.

The central, and very moving part of this Ceremony was the transfer by the Grand Bard, Mick Paynter, of the Book of Life, ‘Lyver Bewnans’, from two elders of the local village of St.Buryan, Mr & Mrs Ronnie THOMAS, into the young hands of Kate & Jamie, representing the Children of the Community.

The Book of Life depicts the three-pronged AWEN symbol which represents the Individual, the Environment and the Interaction between individuals and the world around them. Each arm in turn representing Body, Heart & Spirit; the Earth, Sea & Air and Wisdom, Truth & Love.

Through this important annual Ceremony the Gorsedh of Kernow is demonstrating its essential role in preserving and promoting the Culture of Cornwall, at the root of which lies learning.

From ancient times, when Boscawen Un is recorded as being one of the three major Meeting places in Britain, the Bards were instrumental in the promulgation of knowledge. This brief but joyful Ceremony in the 21st century carries forward this ancient tradition into the future.

On Sunday 23rd June 2013 the next Ceremony of the AWEN will be held at The Hurlers, three miles North of St.Cleer, near Liskeard.

A report by Howard Curnow, for the Gorsedh.

– The next Open Gorsedh is at Camelford, Saturday 1st September 2012.
– An Assembly of the Bards of Cornwall in Australia ceremony will be held in Nowra, NSW, Australia on Saturday 27 October, 2012

Awen Ceremony 2011

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