Australian Census 2011 – Yes, the Cornish count!

It is now Australia’s Census time, and yes the Cornish need to be counted!

Cornish born, or with Cornish men or women in your ancestry? Now is the time to be counted, along with an estimated 300,000 Australians, on Australia’s Census night, Tuesday August 9, 2011.

The Cornish ‘ethnic strength’ is reputedly estimated at 300,000 (within the top 10 groups in Australia) and up to 700,000 could find a Cornishman or women in their family tree.

Less than 10,000 however wrote in Cornish, or Cornwall, on the 2006 census. Cornish background is one of the most hugely under-counted, and we hope more people will write their choice in this time.

Be assured, if you do, that choice is recorded and counted.  Many have more than one ethnic background (eg. Cornish and Scots, Cornish and Indian ..) and the Census allows two to be recorded.

I encourage those born in Cornwall (or up-country hospitals) or with strong Cornish ancestry to acknowledge their background/s with pride and to take care in completing three questions in Australia’s 2011 Census, to be held on Tuesday 9 August :

Question 12 (Personal form 14) – Country of origin?  People born connected to one or more of those nations mentioned, should use them on their form, either via a tick box (if there is one) or write in appropriately.
Q 14 & 15 (Birthplace of Father & Mother)

Q 16 & 17 (Languages) – Speaking a Celtic language, even a little but on a regular basis, people should write that in appropriately.

The Australian Census underpins government, private institution, and community recognition, services, and at times funding.

People of Cornish ancestry should also consider saying ‘yes’  to their census forms being kept in the ‘time capsule’ (Q 60).

Security is guaranteed and the information will aid genealogists, historians, academics, social analysts and other researchers in the twenty–second century. In 99 years, individuals will also have access to enable them to research their family history.

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