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Cornish American Cousins changeover

Outgoing Cornish American Heritage Society President Tommi       O’Hagan reported from the Gathering in Mineral Point last month; “I am happy now to introduce to you the new president, Thomas Rusch….

Cry of Tin to Shake Rag Alley – ’twas Cornish Cousins!

– ONE of the wonderful things about being of Cornish birth or ancestry is that (almost everywhere) in this wide world the sun never sets on a Pasty!  … Or…

Bendigo Cornish – down, but not out!

We like to focus on the good things around the Diaspora in this section of the e-magazine, but there are Cornish groups struggling to survive demographic change and a more…

NZ Cornish Association updates (July, 2011)

NZ Cornish Association’s Treasurer Jean Harry, who for many years also compiled the newsy and almost in-the-family style newsletters, has now handed over to Nick Bartle (NZCA Pres) as Editor.  …

16th International Gathering of Cornish Cousins in North America

The next Gathering of Cornish Cousins in North Americawill take place from 10th—14th August 2011 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA

What happened to Annie and Mary Bowden?

Tom Bowden tells the story of two of his great aunts, Annie and Mary Bowden, who emigrated from Cornwall to Australia in 1881

Kernewek Lowender – the World’s Largest Cornish Festival

38 years of exploring the Cornish heritage on the North Yorke Peninsular in Australia will next be celebrated at the 20th Kernewek Lowender in May 2011

Cornish meet with Celtic cousins on Australia’s east coast

The annual festival in Port Stevens took place this September

St Piran’s Day and 35 year Lunch for Cornish in NSW

An account of this year’s Perrantide in New South Wales