Cornish Heritage Society East honoured Rick Rescorla

Among many Cornish groups around the world, and especially in the USA and Cornwall, the memory of Rick Rescorla and his heroism was remembered recently by the Cornish Heritage Society East.

On 11 September 2011, sixteen Cornish Cousins gathered once more at Canal Park in Wharton, New Jersey, USA, for a pasty lunch, and business meeting.

Most important, the gathering was to remember our Cornish hero Rick Rescorla, with a moment of silence.

The entire group moved along to the Bridget Smith House in Mine Hill, once known as Irish Town. We were met there by Board members of the Ferromonte Society Mary Ellen Burbridge and Gale Heiss. The Ferromonte Society has extensive plans to restore this miner’s cottage to it’s original condition.

The Cornish Heritage Society East came about on 4 March, 1995 at a meeting in Wharton, New Jersey. Bylaws were approved and officers elected to establish the CHSE, the only Cornish society in the USA east of Michigan at the time. Covering New Jersey, New York and the New England region.

The eastern states attracted thousands of Cornish to Appalachian mines. Other ‘Cornish Cousins’ came to fish, farm and build ships. Prior to 1995 little was known of the Cornish presence east of Michigan or Wisconsin. CHSE has begun to change that.

The Society hope to search out descendants of those immigrants and have them join in to learn about Cornish life and heritage as well as its history. Together they want to research, record and preserve the history of the Cornish in NJ, NY and New England.

Most members have done some research into their Cornish family history and plan to do more. Some are beginners and need help in learning to do research. They can offer that help.

Through their superb newsletter, the Cornish Crier, this small but keen Society hope to learn more about Cornwall – its culture and traditions – and our Cornish immigrants.

Next CHSE Regular Meeting – Saturday, 3 December at 12:00pm, Wharton United Community Church at St. John’s, 20 Church Street, Wharton, New Jersey

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