Bendigo Cornish – down, but not out!

We like to focus on the good things around the Diaspora in this section of the e-magazine, but there are Cornish groups struggling to survive demographic change and a more and more busy lifestyle.

A sad announcement has been received:

“The Cornish Association of Bendigo & District Inc. will be winding down from the beginning of September in its current format as a stand alone group. We have been struggling for some time to get office bearers and at the Annual General Meeting held this month we did not receive any nominations for the positions.

It is sad to see the end of an era but we are going out with our heads held high and celebrating many achievements in our efforts to record the contributions the Cornish made to Bendigo and district. Thanks for your interest and hopefully we will be in contact again in the not too distant future with a new plan to continue our promotion of all things Cornish in Bendigo”.

As an Incorporated organisation, under Victorian law, there are legal requirements that are not able to be met and have helped lead to this move.

The  Cornish Association of Bendigo & District was formed in the early 1980’s during the world-wide boom in interest in Cornish heritage, be it family or community.

Greater Bendigo is a city of 92,000 in the state of Victoria, in the south east of Australia. It is said to be one the largest Cornish cities in the world, with a large proportion of Bendigonians having Cornish hard rock mining and later farming roots.

This led to a particular way of celebrating their Cornish heritage as part of a wider civic pride, rooted in the place that their forebears came to – with festivities but also plaques and monuments [the Cornish Miner shown here in the Town Hall precinct is but one fine example]

It is hoped by all the Cornish through-out Australia, across the Diaspora, and in Cornwall that the Cornish in Bendigo will continue to stand proud, under whatever new plan is put in place.!/pages/Cornish-Association-of-Bendigo-District-Inc/298679213880

If you live, or know of anyone living, in or near Bendigo and can help sustain Cornish identity in that great city – then get in touch.

Kevrenor, for
8 August, 2011