NZ Cornish Association updates (July, 2011)

NZ Cornish Association’s Treasurer Jean Harry, who for many years also compiled the newsy and almost in-the-family style newsletters, has now handed over to Nick Bartle (NZCA Pres) as Editor.   Nick would love to have your items.

At the national meeting in May, the Association voted in favour of recognising Cliff Trevelyan as its founder. Back in 1962, Cliff Trevelyan was instrumental in starting the NZ Cornish Association as we know it today.

Planning has started for the 50th anniversary of The New Zealand Cornish Association next year.

The Newsletters sent best wishes and support to all members of the Association living in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region who have had so much to put up with over the last year and the past few weeks. The national news headlines contain something about Christchurch every day.

‘Those of us who live away from the constant earthquakes cannot imagine how trying it must be to live in such conditions. Life must carry on and the Christchurch Branch has been holding meetings regularly’.

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Source: NZCA Newsletter Vol 397 June/July, 2011