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St Piran Celebrations at Grass Valley

Grass Valley, and their sister Nevada City, in California again celebrated St Piran and their local Cornish settlement heritage. Let the photos do the talking … The Pasty Bake contest…

It is Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley

Recapture the spirit of Christmas past amid the charming surroundings of beautiful down-town  Grass Valley, an historic mining town in Nevada County, California, USA that has a strong Cornish mining…

Cornish Heritage Society East honoured Rick Rescorla

Among many Cornish groups around the world, and especially in the USA and Cornwall, the memory of Rick Rescorla and his heroism was remembered recently by the Cornish Heritage Society…

Cornish American Cousins changeover

Outgoing Cornish American Heritage Society President Tommi       O’Hagan reported from the Gathering in Mineral Point last month; “I am happy now to introduce to you the new president, Thomas Rusch….

RIP Rick Rescorla 1939 – 2001

Cornish born hero Rick Rescorla, who saved almost 2,700 lives on September 11, 2001 only to lose his own, has been honoured by an Opera in the USA. The San…

Cry of Tin to Shake Rag Alley – ’twas Cornish Cousins!

– ONE of the wonderful things about being of Cornish birth or ancestry is that (almost everywhere) in this wide world the sun never sets on a Pasty!  … Or…

Greater Milwaukee has them with or without Rutabaga

It seems that the pasty, and indeed Cornish food, is a common theme across Cornish societies and associations worldwide. The Cornish Society of Greater Milwaukee has an annual Pasty Luncheon….

16th International Gathering of Cornish Cousins in North America

The next Gathering of Cornish Cousins in North Americawill take place from 10th—14th August 2011 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA