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Greater Milwaukee has them with or without Rutabaga

It seems that the pasty, and indeed Cornish food, is a common theme across Cornish societies and associations worldwide. The Cornish Society of Greater Milwaukee has an annual Pasty Luncheon….

Australian Census 2011 – Yes, the Cornish count!

It is now Australia’s Census time, and yes the Cornish need to be counted! Cornish born, or with Cornish men or women in your ancestry? Now is the time to…

Cornish seek recognition: Will Westminster recognise the Cornish people as a nation and a UK ethnic minority?

The Second Cornish National Minority Report entitled: “Including the Cornish – a unique case for recognition” has been officially launched. Produced from the work of broad-based steering group, it builds…

[Celtic League] Cornish: Discrimination concerns continue

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE CORNWALL: RACIAL DISCRIMINATION CONCERNS The General Secretary (GS) of the Celtic League has written an article in a Cornish newspaper about a group that has…

2011 UK Census – Identifing yourself as Cornish!

Information about describing yourself as ‘Cornish’ in the upcoming census