Minority of Votes = Majority of Councillors – How is it so?


Elections for Consel Kernow / Cornwall Council unitary authority were held in May 2021 for 87 local areas of the Duchy of Cornwall (down from the 123 which had been the case since its start in 2009).

New Cornwall Council leader chosen, Linda Taylor, will head the authority after her party the Conservatives became the first to take full majority control of it since its creation in 2009. They have formed an executive Cabinet, with unfettered control over policy.
The Conservatives though winning less than 40% of the vote, through the “First Past The Post” system won 47 of the 87 seats. Something is broken.
Previous coalition partners of Independents attained 15 Councillors, and the Liberal Democrats, 14 – just 29 from 87.
Cornwall-based party Mebyon Kernow has 5 Councillors, Labour Party has 4, with the Labour & Cooperative Party and The Greens both having one each.