No, we never said we would, and it is all your fault anyway!

may_noNo, we never said we would, and it is all your fault anyway!  Lies, weasel words, and Cornish language funding.

In April this year the UK Government ceased direct funding of the Cornish language.

For more background:

A petition to the Parliament was raised.

Please continue to provide annual financial support for the Cornish language.

In 2002, Cornish was granted official “minority language” status under Part II of the 1992 Council of Europe Charter for Regional and Minority Languages (Hansard 5 Nov 2002 : Column 207W).
In implementing the Charter under Part II, the Government is obliged to consider the needs  and  wishes of groups that use the Cornish language and those who wish to learn the language (Council of Europe 1992).

It attained 10,342 signatures (broadly equivalent to 1 million for a purely English issue)

The government has now responded:

The Government has provided Cornwall Council with substantial spending power to allocate resources to their local priorities, including the Cornish language.
The Government has always been clear that its funding of some £650,000 since 2010 to support the development of the Cornish language was time-limited, and that the Council should seek alternative sources in order to place it on a more sustainable basis. Cornwall Council has a core spending power of £1.7 billion over four years from which they can allocate the necessary resources to local priorities, including the development the Cornish language, if they wish.
Department for Communities and Local Government