Wanted – writers for Cornwall24 net

We’re looking for voluntary casual feature writers, opinion columnists, music/book reviewers, news reporters! Once-off, or on-going!

We are looking for those in the Duchy or across the Diaspora who may have interesting written material or snippets of news to contribute free to this non-commercial site!

What sort of material? Basically anything related to Cornwall, that meets our ‘About Us’ http://www.cornwall24.net/about/

Do I have to be a good writer – write on interesting subjects? – yes – write well? – no – if necessary we can knock it into shape. Photographs are also welcome.

Interested in giving of your skills and time to help support Cornwall’s identity, culture, and language – in Kernow and around the world?

Get in touch: editor@cornwall24.net
Proper job! Not dreckly mind!

This is an e-magazine, not a news outlet, so we work on a cyclical magazine publishing format:

Features – larger interest pieces from Cornwall or the Diaspora – published monthly (usually mid month)

News Bits – small its of news, as they happen or are reported

Diaspora Jottings – news and interest pieces from the Cornish Diaspora – usually fortnightly, or when major events are on

Behind the News – more investigative, analysis and/or comment on things in the news, or better still not in the Main Stream News – fortnightly, or as they break

Reviews – Reviews of books, films, music (CD/DVD or live) – monthly

There are other sections that are filed as they come to hand – eg. Crowdy Crawn

Links to a range of interesting web sites or video

Remember, this is in support of Cornwall, Cornish identity and culture


12 November, 2012

The Duke and Camilla just caught up with Cornwall24.net e-magazine while in Australia!