Tony Hogg is 1st Crime & Police Commissioner

Tony Hogg, the Conservative candidate, is the 1st Police & Crime Commissioner for Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and Devon.

He gained 69,419 votes, after preferences, gaining the position over fellow ‘2nd round count’ candidate Brian Greenslade, known as a Liberal Democrat but who stood as an Independent.

Mr Hogg did not gain a majority of votes on the first round, so eight of the ten candidates were eliminated. Those 2nd preferences which were allocated to the 8 flowed on and enough saw him elected with a majority of the final 106,162 votes remaining.

The turnout was reported as 15.5% and less that than in Cornwall.

Mr Hogg runs a charity, and formerly had a 33-year naval career included five ship commands including HMS Chatham based at Devonport. He saw active service in the Falklands War and the Arabian Gulf, and was awarded the Air Force Cross for his role in a 1978 air sea rescue in 1978. He was also Commanding Officer, HMS Culdrose.

By a reporter   16 November, 2012

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