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Bendigo Cornish – down, but not out!

We like to focus on the good things around the Diaspora in this section of the e-magazine, but there are Cornish groups struggling to survive demographic change and a more…

Pasty treat for the Cornish in NSW Australia

The Cornish Association of New South Wales  in Australia are having a special Cornish Fayre Day on Saturday 23 July, 2011. A Pasty making demonstration and workshop (up to 12…

NZ Cornish Association updates (July, 2011)

NZ Cornish Association’s Treasurer Jean Harry, who for many years also compiled the newsy and almost in-the-family style newsletters, has now handed over to Nick Bartle (NZCA Pres) as Editor.  …

Cornish meet with Celtic cousins on Australia’s east coast

The annual festival in Port Stevens took place this September

St Piran’s Day and 35 year Lunch for Cornish in NSW

An account of this year’s Perrantide in New South Wales