Cornish meet with Celtic cousins on Australia’s east coast

Cornish dancing at Celtic Festival at Port Stephens on Australia’s east coast

Known more for its splendid blue waters and sun-drenched beaches Port Stephens (NSW) on Australia’s east coast every year hosts a Celtic festival on the third weekend in September.

Bringing together the many Scottish clans from locally and as far as Sydney, together with representatives of the Welsh, Cornish, Manx, and Irish communities it is in its third year.

As well as a street parade, and parklands dotted with tents containing a wide range of Celtic merchandise and cultural information, there is a heavy emphasis on music and dance during the day.

Three tartan representatives of the Cornish communities head off to take part in the street parade

From the small Cornish gathering there were some taking part in the parade, and a Cornish dance display and tuition, plus singing of popular Cornish songs by the Newcastle Celtic Choir (with enthusiastic support from visiting Cornish).

The Port Stephens coastline, NSW, Australia

Port Stephens Celtic Festival – Clans on the Coast

Cornish Association of NSW

Celtic Council of Australia

Loaded by: Chris Dunkerley (Kevrenor) for the Celtic Council of NSW

18 September, 2010