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Mega Incinerator project could be up in smoke!

An official press statement from UK Law News from the High Court on the  recent St Dennis incinerator ruling. It was as follows: “Objectors opposed to plans for a waste…

40,000 more houses for Cornwall by 2030!

At the Cornwall Council Planning Policy Advisory Panel meeting on Thursday 4 August 2011, the councillors did not support the officers recommendation to set a housing target of 54,000 new…

[Save Penwith Moors] ‘Lawfulness of Natural England’s actions are in question ..’

Lawfulness of Natural England’s actions into question and that all cattle and new stock proofing should therefore be removed from Carnyorth Common, Watch Croft, Carn Galva and two crofts of Lanyon Farm (Men-an-Tol and Lanyon Quoit Crofts).