NEW BOOK: ‘Commotion Time’ ‘The Anglo-Cornish War

‘Commotion Time’ ‘The Anglo-Cornish War of June – August 1549’

A new book by the late Craig Weatherhill

Book cover

From his extensive writings and research, yet another book has been identified by this best selling Cornish author of ‘The Promontory People’ and other such classics and has now been newly published by the Penwith Press.

With a forward by Cornish woman Cheryl Straffon, herself author of several books, ‘Commotion Time’ records the day-by-day account of the Anglo-Cornish war which caused the deaths of thousands of Cornishmen, and the subsequent decline of the Cornish language at the hands of the English State, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, his agent William Body and others.

Craig passed away a year ago and his premature death has left a huge vacuum with Cornish people everywhere, so this book is another welcome reminder from his pen of the true history of Cornwall.

In 84 pages of impeccable research, Craig reveals that what has been dismissed as the “Prayer Book Rebellion” by the English, the Anglo-Cornish war was not solely religious in nature.

Its outcome was horrendous for the Cornish, causing the deaths of thousands of Cornishmen, the subsequent decline of knowledge and community use of the Cornish language, and repression – It was not a mere skirmish but in fact outright war and an episode of genocide.

Thoroughly researched by the great man himself, this is his last book is reminding one and all that the events of 1549 must never be written out of Cornish history despite the best efforts of the English and Westminster Establishment, including the discredited ‘English Heritage’ to do so.

ISBN 978 – 1 – 9997775 – 2 – 4           84 pages
It can be purchased for the fantastic price of 7 Pounds 50 pence, plus relevant postage, via the Penwith Press website: