Lavery slings his hook

Kevin Lavery, chief executive of Cornwall Council, will be leaving his post to take up a new job in New Zealand, in Wellington, the capital city.

UK and corporate apparatchik Mr Lavery, who has driven the bureaucracy at Cornwall Council since it was cobbled together by Labour and the Liberal Democrats in early 2009, will be taking up a new job as Chief Executive of Wellington City Council, according to New Zealand sources.

Kevin Lavery leaves Truro behind

Journeyman Lavery was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and educated at the universities of Manchester,
Kent and Southern California. His key loyalties seemed to have been to the corporate world, including spells as a senior director at three large outsourcing companies – Enterprise, BT and Serco.  His love for Cornwall would appear to have been purely of the carnal kind.

 NZ is under a conservative government and although privatisation has been largely on hold after failures to bring benefits, a new round of Council amalgamations and out-sourcing has been proposed in some quarters.

As the afternoon of Christmas eve approached and the city’s citizens were only focussed on civic matters Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown confirmed the appointment of Kevin Lavery as the new Chief Executive of Wellington City Council.

Wellington’s forward plan is called, ‘Towards 2040: Smart Capital’. The wisdom of this decision remains to be seen. reporter   2/1/2013