Support a visible and peaceful protest against overdevelopment

cementtrucksDear Friends,

First a “thank you” for those sharing the petition so widely on social media; we’ve had over 13,000 shares on Facebook and nearly 6,500 petition signatures.

As you know, the Local Plan will directly affect the development of Cornwall for the next twenty years. A government inspector is to start his review of the Plan on May 16th.

[Ed.] To recap:  This document is meant to guide the development of the Duchy over the next twenty years and therefore, far beyond. The trouble is that this plan is neither derived from a long-term vision for Cornwall, nor from a carefully prepared strategy that will take us toward where we want to go. Instead, it is a collection of targets that reflect the desires of Westminster and enterprises such as property developers, waste disposal companies etc.

The Local Plan is therefore not an expression of local will, but of national concerns and commercial interests that have not taken account of the actual needs of we who live here, nor of our specific environment, nor even our true economic concerns.

You may not know that the majority of those scheduled to appear before the inspector are property developers. They will press for the maximum number of houses to be built on green field sites and the minimum responsibility on their part to provide affordable homes and necessary infrastructure. They will also seek further short cuts for planning approvals.


Please support a visible and peaceful protest at the next Local Plan Meeting before the Government Planning Inspector, at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay, next Monday 17th May at 9.30am.

The greater number of people there, the better we can demonstrate that we, the people of Cornwall, are not happy with the role of developers and planning officers in determining our future.

Please also circulate this to friends that may want to support us and thus the ethical governance of Cornwall.

Kind regards, Orlando Kimber
Protect Cornwall’s Green Fields
11 May, 2016

P.S. If you’re unsure of the importance of the decision facing Cornwall at this time, you may find the following of use: Who are We to Be?