Kernewek fights on – Skians Conference coming up

A gowetha / Dear all, 

Keskussulyans Skians (Rosweyth Hwithrans Yeth Kernewek) a vydh synsys yn 2016 dhe dhy’ Gwener 30ves mis Gwynngala / 1a mis Hedra. Yma galow rag paperyow a-dro dhe’n testennow soshyel-yethonieth kelmys dhe’n yeth kernewek. Ny dal berrskrifow bos moy ages 200 ger ha gans titlow ha kevrennow (afilyansow). Y tal bos paperyow towlennys bys dhe 20 mynysen yn hirder.

Welkom yw presentyansow skresel ha presentyansow dre Skype. Y tal bos berrskrifow submyttys kyns dy’Lun 30ves, mis Me 2016 ha danvenys dhe

The Skians conference (Cornish Language Research Network) will be held in 2016 on Friday and Saturday 30th Sept / 1st Oct. Papers are invited on topics in the fields of linguistics and socio-linguistics relevant to the Cornish language. Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and should include titles and affiliations.

Papers should be planned for up to 20mins in length and poster presentations and presentations via Skype are welcomed. Abstracts should be submitted by Monday 30th May 2016 and sent to  

Skians 2016

Oll an gwella / all the best, 

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