Mebyon Kernow calls for power to be brought home to Cornwall

MK leader Cllr Dick Cole has called on the people of Cornwall to take “inspiration from the new politics” that has been ushered in by the SNP in Scotland. Mebyon_Kernow

In his keynote speech at the Party’s 2014 Conference, held at Lys Kernow in Truro, over the weekend of 15 & 16th November, he described how the referendum campaign had energised Scottish voters and shown that “politics as usual” is no longer acceptable.

Cllr Cole told delegates:

“The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond described the whole process as a ‘triumph for democracy,’ while even the Better Together campaign acknowledged that there was a ‘cry for change,’ which was likely to be ‘echoed in every part of the UK.’

“Friends, it is up to us to ensure that the echo from Cornwall reverberates across the length and breadth of the whole United Kingdom, and we must – with confidence – put our case for Cornwall into the political spotlight, and build the momentum to bring home significant political and economic powers to our local communities.”

Cllr Cole also pointed out that many Westminster politicians are now talking about devolution or new democratic settlements for the ‘four nations’ of the United Kingdom, such as David Cameron who pledged a “balanced settlement – fair to people in Scotland, and … to everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well.”

Cllr Cole told delegates:

“The truth is that the Westminster parties have a blind spot when it comes to the historic Celtic nation of Cornwall.

“To them – when it comes to democratic reforms – we are the invisible nation that cannot be mentioned.”

Cllr Cole pledged that MK “would not meekly stand in the political shadows” and “would make the case for greater self-government for Cornwall.”

Cllr Cole was also extremely critical of the representatives of the Westminster political parties in Cornwall, condemning their opposition to meaningful devolution to Cornwall.

He also criticized the leaders of Cornwall Council for their lack of real ambition for Cornwall, who he said were only timidly seeking greater “freedoms and flexibilities” for the unitary authority.

Cllr Cole said: “Those of us who are serious about greater Cornish self-government must reiterate time and time again that our nation must be considered on a par with Wales and Scotland.

“It is not about local government reform but delivering a new democratic settlement that matches those which have been won east of Offa’s Dyke and to the north of the Solway Firth.”

Cllr Dick Cole