Perrantide ‘marked in style’

St Piran’s Day, so dear to the hearts of Cornish folk, was marked in style by the Grand Bard of Cornwall, Maureen Fuller, in her address to the enthusiastic crowds gathered outside Truro Cathedral at the end of the annual procession through the town. Amid calls for the day to be pronounced an official public holiday, she made an impassioned plea for Cornish schoolchildren to learn about the national history of their homeland.

st-pirans-day 2014

“History informs us all,” said Mrs Fuller, “it shapes us and makes us who we are.”

Making specific reference to a special year for Cornwall, the Grand Bard welcomed the long awaited start of new excavations to uncover remains of the iconic St Piran Oratory from the sand dunes near Perranporth. She welcomed the proposed development of new teaching materials, linked to the National Curriculum, explaining the story of St Piran.

Surrounded by St Piran flags with their distinctive white cross on a black background, and the banners of Gorsedh Kernow and other Cornish cultural organisations, the Grand Bard encouraged a new spirit of learning through the experiences of those who were much more than just relics of the past.

“It’s so easy to find out about famous Cornish people and why they were so important in the development of our great culture and heritage, so my message to you all is please get on the internet and start googling!”

Amid shouts of “Kernow Bys Vykken”, meaning ‘Cornwall for Ever’, Maureen Fuller concluded her well received message by wishing everyone a Happy St Piran-tide.

An earlier parade and celebration – singing Trelawney in Redruth

5 March, 2014


For further information about the St Piran’s Oratory and the current excavations please contact Eileen Carter,
St Piran’s Trust, tel 01872 575007 or email

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