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MAGA – the Cornish Language Partnership:

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet last week supported the preparation of a new and increased bid to the UK government for continued funding for the Cornish language over the next three years.

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New Cornish Language Strategy:

In addition, the Cabinet adopted a revised Council policy on Cornish, which also commits the Council to putting in place a Language Plan, adopting the good practice already in place in councils in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Cabinet member and Chair of the Partnership Julian German said, ‘The cabinet decision showed there is a strong political will within Cornwall Council to see the Cornish language prosper and develop in the coming years. We will be putting a robust case to the government to support the Partnership into the future.’

In conjunction with the bid, the Partnership will be reviewing and adapting the strategy for the language which was adopted in 2005 to ensure that it reflects where we are now and provides a good basis for future planning.

A draft will be available in the New Year.

A conference in March will provide an excellent opportunity to consider the next three years and what we all aim to achieve in that time.

In other news

Tregedna IV

From 21st to the 23rd February, MAGA is running yet another intensive Cornish language week-end for competent Cornish speakers at the Tregedna Lodge near Falmouth.

As before, the week-end will be devoted to listening and speaking and be lead by a stellar line up of tutors. With practical and planned events and plenty of social activities this is a great opportunity to improve your Cornish.

The cost this year includes overnight accommodation, all meals for the weekend, tea and coffee and tuition fees is £58.00 per person.

Without bed and breakfast, Saturday attendance only will be charged at £25.00. Friday afternoon/evening at £15.00 and Sunday morning at £10.00.

MAGA Kernow
5 December, 2013

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