Renewed call for a legislative Assembly for Cornwall

MK launch “A law-making Assembly for Cornwall” campaign – Mebyon Kernow has made a renewed call for a legislative Assembly for Cornwall and launched a new campaign.

Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall (MK) has produced a statement titled: “A law-making Assembly for Cornwall,” which demands more powers for Cornwall, and it will be encouraging politicians, organisations and individuals to sign up to the campaign.

With the people of Scotland going to the polls in September 2014 to vote on full independence, and the Welsh Assembly gaining extra powers in recent weeks, constitutional change is increasingly high on the political agenda.

MK members are continuing to demand that the debate is broadened out into a wide-ranging consideration about the governance of the whole of the UK.


Speaking on behalf of MK, Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole said:

“We hope that the ‘A law-making Assembly for Cornwall’ initiative will bring people together in support of meaningful devolution for Cornwall and put pressure on central government to deliver a new democratic settlement for Cornwall.”

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The full statement reads:

A law-making Assembly for Cornwall

Cornwall is an historic nation with its own identity, culture, traditions and language. We believe the people of Cornwall have the same democratic right to self-determination as the residents of Scotland and Wales.

In 2001, over 50,000 individual declarations calling for a Cornish Assembly were presented to 10 Downing Street. But the Government, which had delivered devolution settlements to Scotland and Wales, ignored the declarations and refused to consider demands for greater powers for Cornwall.

Cornwall deserves better.

It is our view that the unequal constitutional relationship between the various nations and regions of the UK need to be addressed. And we believe that this should include meaningful devolution to Cornwall.

We call on central government to work with the people of Cornwall to formulate a detailed proposal for a law-making Cornish Assembly, which can then be put to the electorate in a binding referendum”.

Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole
November, 2013


MK are preparing a series of articles looking at myths and issues around such an Assembly, so keep an eye out here:

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