‘Cornish Life Beyond the Mines’ – A Call for Papers

Cornish Australian History Seminar – The Cornish Association of South Australia (CASA) Inc. (Est. 1890)

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Biennial Seminar
held in association with the 2013 Kernewek Lowender
at Wallaroo Town Hall, Wallaroo, South Australia – on Thursday 23 May 2013

“Cornish Life Beyond the Mines”

A history seminar held as part of each Kernewek Lowender is now a well-established and successful tradition. Recent topics have been “Cornish Settlements in Australia” and “The Ingenious Cornish: Inventions, Enterprises & Exploits”, with all tickets sold for both.

The CASA committee is pleased to announce the CALL FOR PAPERS for the next in this premier series of Cornish Australian history seminars, to be held in South Australia in 2013.

As previously, the committee’s intention is to focus on Australian contexts and events in most of the papers selected for presentation. It is also intended, if possible, to feature one or two papers based on the Cornish in Cornwall, as a way of illustrating similarities and differences in aspects of Cornish life in our societies, with mining left out of the equation.

The topic is intentionally broad, allowing for a variety of interpretations.*

Some examples are:
– After the mines closed down, what did the Cornish turn to for a living? How did they and/or their
communities cope?
– Many did not work as miners – what other occupations were they known for and/or skilled at?
– Whether or not working as miners, what are some notable examples of Cornish people’s participation in civic life, religion, or in fields such as literature, art and music?
– Papers can be about specific individuals, families, groups or communities.

Papers should be an academic presentation, not workshop orientated.

An Abstract should –
– be no longer than 250 words.
– present an overview of the paper’s main theme/s
– contain the name/s of the author/s, plus the address and contact details for the main author
– indicate preference for a 15-minute or a 25-minute presentation (see below)
– indicate possible audio-visual requirements.
– be submitted no later than Monday 28 October 2012.

Notification of acceptance by the Association’s Seminar Sub-committee will be posted or emailed by 25 November 2012.

It is expected that a written paper, complete with details of references consulted, will be prepared for inclusion in the seminar proceedings. Bound copies of the proceedings will be provided for all seminar registrants.

Guidelines for preparing papers will be sent to all authors of accepted papers.

Authors may opt for a short presentation (10−15 minutes) or the more usual longer time of 25 minutes.

Final date for acceptance of completed papers is 22 March 2013.

Please complete the  KL2013 Seminar Reg form and send it with your Abstract to:

Dr Jan Lokan, Seminar Coordinator, PO Box 515, McLaren Vale SA 5171, email jan.lokan@acer.edu.au.


The Cornish Association of South Australia (CASA) Inc. (Est. 1890) – 1st August, 2012