[Save Penwith Moors] Cattle grids across the B3306 at Carn Galva

In October 2008 the Highways Department [of the former County Council] began work installing two cattle grids across the scenic B3306 St Just to St Ives coast road at Carn Galva as part of the HEATH Project, the intention being for cattle to be able to graze moorland on either side of the road.
After 3½ years this has not happened so the £100,000 plus spent on the grids has, to all intents and purposes, been a complete waste of public funding – only one instance of many by the Project.

Save Penwith Moors maintain that proper procedure was not followed by the former Cornwall County Council – a sub-partner of the HEATH Project – and have now exhausted the [the successor] Council’s complaints procedure.

We intend to progress this issue to the Local Government Ombudsman for their adjudication.

Read the correspondence and view photographs on this complaint at:

Ian McNiel Cook, SPM 22 July 03:59

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