New CD: ‘A Bit of your time’ by Jim Wearne

Jim Wearne, Musician, Songwriter, Cornish Bard, and much more ..

‘A Bit of your time’ New CD

Jim writes about this new CD:

“If you know me and you know about Cornwall, you have already guessed what might be on this CD.  Some politics, some Cornish Nationalism, some Comedy, some Folkie-ness.  There’s even some Rock and Roll. If you aren’t familiar with Cornwall, have a listen.

My people came from there, and I have developed an abiding love of the place and its people.  Therefore I feel a need to speak out for Cornwall, sometimes in a way that makes people uncomfortable.

Cornwall has an ancient and beautiful Celtic culture, a language all its own, a history that goes back to pre-Roman times and a spirit that lives in the land.

The Cornish people are warm, funny, wise, generous and smart.  All of those things that I just said are just what some people (I won’t mention who, but they have a Queen who loves little tail-less dogs) don’t want you to know.  Fool them.  Listen to my songs.

Most of the songs here are from or about Cornwall except the last.

I put A Song In the Wind on a previous CD, but this is a new recording, with Craig Weatherhill on Mellotron in Cornwall.  I mostly did it again so as to have Craig and his Marvelous Machine on the cut.  The results bear me out.

There’s some political stuff here, and some of it will definitely “Out” me as a Cornish Nationalist.  As if anyone was in doubt.  English folks—nothing  personal.

I had a lot of fine help from Robert Rose of Peregrine Recording and other fine musicians, including the great Dave Sugarbeet on fiddle.  One of the songs I co-wrote with Mike Chappell, who fearlessly speaks out for Cornwall sometimes to the discomfort of other, more moderate Cornish patriots.

I hope you enjoy this CD.  I had a great time making it.”

Available 1 August, 2012