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Nearly everything you need to learn Cornish and learn about Cornish

Sample of the web page

To meet the growing demand for learning the Cornish language MAGA, the Cornish Language Partnership, and Truro and Penwith College have joined forces to provide a free online resource site aimed at meeting the needs of both students and teachers.

MAGA Education Officer Mike Tresidder said: “The idea is to provide an online place where students can find a variety of learning resources and teachers can make their material available to students. Anyone interested in Cornish can take their first steps towards learning here, interact with other learners or just have a look at what interests them”.

Based on Truro and Penwith College’s ‘Moodle’ programme, the resource is very easy to use and, unlike some sites, can be easily updated by teachers and students. One beginner in Cornish commented: “It’s great, I can listen to audio, watch films or get stuck into reading and writing Cornish as and when I want”.

Andy Lancaster, Truro and Penwith College’s Higher Education Development Leader, commented: “We are very happy to be supporting this educational initiative. The college works in many areas of language tuition and teacher training, so this project sits comfortably within our work.  It is very exciting to be involved in this blend between modern technology and the promotion of Cornish culture.”

The site will be open to the general public from 6th of July.
Joining instructions for Skol-Net Kernow and the password to get onto the site are available from the MAGA office, e-mail
cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk or phone 01872 323497.

Ogas oll eus edhom dhywgh hwi rag dyski Kernewek ha dyski a-dro dhe Gernewek

25es mis Metheven 2012

Dhe vetya an gorholeth tevi rag dyski an yeth Kernewek MAGA, Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek, ha Kolji Truru ha Pennwydh re wrug kesoberi dhe ri gwiasva war-linen heb kost medrys orth metya edhommow studhoryon ha dyskadoryon.

Yn-medh Sodhek Adhyskans MAGA Mike Tresidder: “An tybyans yw dhe ri tyller war-linen may hwra studhoryon kavos kammneves a fentynyow dyski, ha dyskadoryon a yll gul aga stoff kevadow dhe studhoryon. Pubhuni gans les a-dro Kernewek a ylli dalleth omma, keswreythya gans dyskoryon erel po kavos gik orth pyth eus dhe les dhedha”.

Selys war towlen ‘Moodle’ Kolji Truru ha Pennwydh, an fenten yw pur es dhe usya ha, nag yw avel nebes gwiasvaow, a yll bos nowydhhes yn es gans dyskadoryon ha studhoryon. Yn-medh unn dalether: “Bryntin yw, my a yll goslowes orth restellow der skovarn, mires orth fylmow po dalleth yn ta redya ha skrifa Kernewek del vynnav”.

Yn-medh Andy Lancaster, Ledyer Displegya Adhyskans Uhella rag Kolji Truru ha Pennwydh:

“Ni yw lowen skodhya an nowedhyans adhyskel ma. An kolji a ober yn lies ranndir a dyskans yethow ha trenyans dyskader, ytho an ragdres ma a esedh yn es yn-mysk agan ober ni. Pur yntanus yw bos rann a’n kemmysk a deknologeth arnowyth hag avoncyans a wonisogeth kernewek.”

An wiasva a vydh ygor dhe’n poblek dhyworth 6ves a vis Gortheren.

Derivadow omjunya rag Skol-Net Kernow ha’n ger tremena dhe vos y’n wiasva yw kevadow dhyworth an Sodhva MAGA, e-bost cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk po pellgowsel orth 01872 323497.

More on Maga Kernow: http://www.magakernow.org.uk/