[Cornish Quest] Cornish book sets for schools

Cornish Quest has compiled a selection of authoritative reference books on Cornish history, language and culture to donate to each of the secondary schools in Cornwall.

These books are the same for each school and they are:

1. Cornovia – Craig Weatherhill

2. Cornwall in the Age of Steam – Charles Guthrie

3. The Saints of Cornwall – Catherine Rachel John

4. Cornwall’s People – Carolyn Martin

5. Cornish! A Dictionary of Phrases, Terms and Epithets Beginning with the word “Cornish” Thornton B. Edwards

6. Life in Cornwall in the early C19th – ed. R M Barton

7. Life in Cornwall 1939-42 – Catherine Ince

8. The Falmouth Packets – Tony Pawlyn

9. Our Future is History -John Angarrack

10. Maga Schools’ Cornish Dictionary

11. Cornish Place Names – Craig Weatherhill

12. Scoot Dances, Troyls, Furrys and Tea Treats – Merv, Alison & Jowdy Davey

13. The Theatre of Cornwall- Dr Alan Kent

14. The Ordinalia – Dr Alan Kent

During May/June the boxes were delivered to schools throughout Cornwall.

Mrs Davey, Principal of Mounts Bay Academy was delighted to receive the books on behalf of her school … “I would like to thank the Cornish Quest Charity for their understanding that young people need to appreciate the unique culture and history of Cornwall,” she said. “These resources will help us build Cornish identity firmly into the ethos of the school.”


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Cornish Quest was formed as a registered educational charity to further knowledge about:

  • Cornish History
  • Cornish Culture
  • Cornish Law
  • Cornish Language

We have a responsibility together, to see that the unique history of Cornwall is passed to future generations, and that Cornwall’s children are given a true sense of place.

Charity Registration No. 1129987