[Mebyon Kernow] Remembering Flamank & An Gof 515 years on

Wednesday 27 June, 2012 marked the 515th anniversary of the deaths of Michael Joseph An Gof and Thomas Flamank, who were executed in 1497 for leading a Cornish uprising against  the English crown.

“Immediately prior to his death, An Gof is reputed recorded to have said that he would have ‘a name perpetual and a fame permanent and immortal’.

The statue of Flamank and An Gof at the edge of St. Keverne

And 515 year on, I was pleased to be able to attend the annual commemoration event at St. Keverne tonight that remembered his name, as well as the sacrifice of the Cornish men and women from five centuries ago, who bravely stood up and died for Cornwall.

We should be proud to celebrate our strong and enduring identity, but we also need to ensure that Cornwall has a strong political movement for the future that can win greater self-government for our nation”.

So the crowd gathered at the plaque at St Keverne Church, and patriotic Cornish men and women everywhere remember An Gof, Flamank and the many hundreds of Cornish, their families, and their allies who died, or suffered afterward. Keep that flame perpetual.

Crowd gathered at St Keverne to remember (Photo: Kernow King)

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Posted based on material made public on the day by  Dick Cole on http://mebyonkernow.blogspot.com.au/
Dick Cole is Party Leader, and leader of Mebyon Kernow – Party for Cornwall group in Konsel Kernow (Cornwall Council).