New book and review – Cornwall through Time

Review of new book: “Cornwall Through Time”

This is another book in this very clever format: an old view of a Cornish scene in black and white accompanied by a new colour picture taken recently in the same area, with about four lines of comment. The author and editor are very competent and the result is an attractive colourful book which will sell very well.

Derek Tait meanders around Cornwall roughly from east to west with some “snippits” of information on the way. I admire the way he finds modern coloured views to match with his lovely old family scenes. The drawback in this format is it is nearly all pictorial with very little written information for obvious reasons. Perhaps pretty pictures outweigh written information these days so we can do without a lot of words and regimentation into chapters. It does save a great deal of time and expense for the publisher I imagine.

Having said I think this book will sell well I would hesitate to buy it myself at £14.99. About ten years ago a similar book with 193 pictures in black and white and larger captions sold for about £10. I just doubt that the introduction of colour with this format merits a 50% increase in price?

Review by Tom Bowden

1st March, 2012

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