[CoSERG] The Core Strategy: Time for a breathing space

Over the last 50 years Cornwall’s population grew by 208,000 (the equivalent of 19 Truros). The number of houses doubled from 132,000 to 255,000.

Back in 1989 CoSERG called for a breathing space so that Cornwall and its communities could cope with this unprecedented growth, safeguard the environment and retain what makes our place special, its Cornishness.

Sadly, the juggernaut of housing and population growth rolled on.

Cornwall Council’s Core Strategy now proposes pushing the current growth rate even higher. They are planning for between 48,000 and 54,500 houses  or perhaps more. This means the built-up area of Cornwall grows by a fifth. In just two decades.

Population will grow by between 105,000 and 125,000 (or by 10-11 more Truros). In just two decades.

This level of growth will mean:

– the loss of significant areas of countryside

– the urbanisation of our towns and villages

– much more traffic and congestion

– irresponsible depletion of our natural resources

It will not solve our housing crisis.

And it is certainly not sustainable. Extrapolating this growth rate means that our children and grandchildren will be living in a Cornwall of more than a million people, twice the current numbers.

Is this what we want? When did we ever vote for this?

The Core Strategy is crucial as the higher the housing target the easier it is for developers to get planning permission for more houses in your community. This is why developers and the big construction companies are frantically lobbying the planners.

The Core Strategy asks us to give our views on this level of growth.

CoSERG intends to call for stable population planning that meets local needs and allows for 80% of current gross in-migration. We calculate this requires building 12,500 houses.


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