Concreting Cornwall? Last chance to say no!

Important news that may have passed you by!

On January 9 this year, while most of Cornwall was either still recovering from an almighty New Year’s Eve hangover, or yet to focus on what made them decide on just those resolutions for 2012, Cornwall Council released a ‘Core Strategy Document’. Exciting eh?

Let us look a bit closer: “The Core Strategy will establish the context for future growth and development within Cornwall and will set the framework for all subsequent development plan documents The Core Strategy will set out the Council’s preferred vision for the future of Cornwall.”

Now that is more like it – ‘vision’ – a proud and self-governing Cornwall, in control of its  destiny,  with  history, culture, and language resurgent. With built heritage protected. Internal governance sorted?

A confident more just,  equal, and compassionate Cornwall?

A Cornwall past ‘the cross-roads’ with new employment ideas, investment in education, new technologies, and energy; its ‘wild-geese’ returning to fire up the economy and society?


What is the ‘vision’ the so-called Core Strategy actually paints?

Concreting Cornwall.
Urbanising Cornwall.
Massive in-migration.
Massive housing estates of even more unaffordable dwellings.
Selling even more of the family silverware.
Cornish identify becoming a quaint minority interest

All who love Cornwall should look into this, and very soon, before Cornwall as we know it  ceases  to be.

Immigration is a problem in Britain, right? Well I don’t know about elsewhere but it sure is in Cornwall:

Population growth in the nations of Britain 1961-2010 (100%=stable)

[Graph nicked from CZ)

Just some of the findings pointed out by facebook group ‘Cornwall Beyond the Crossroads: Bin the Core Strategy’:

‘The Core Strategy increases the building rate in Falmouth-Penryn by 57%. Ancient Penryn earmarked for some of the 8,000 migrants to that area’.

‘The population of Camborne-Redruth grew by 54% in the past 50 years. The planners want it to grow by another 26% in the next 20. The past growth rate will lead to at least 85,000 people in the area by the end of the century. The planners want to up that to at least 96,000’.

‘At Bodmin, plans for another 10,000 people are being attracted every 20 years.’

‘If the Council’s preferred growth for the next 20 years continues through to the end of the century Truro’s population will be between 59,600 (based on same absolute growth) and 152,800 (same relative growth). It now stands at 19,000’.

‘Countryside south of Launceston needed to accommodate 3,000 more in-migrants by 2030. Although the population of Launceston has doubled since 1961 this isn’t sufficient for the planners who want to see another 35% growth in the next two decades’.

Submit your comment on the Core Strategy ‘preferred’ approach.

Tell the Council their proposed rate of housing and population growth is not your preferred approach. That the self-serving agenda of up-country developers in league with Council’s staff and aided and abetted by some Councillors  and some parties is not wanted!

You can do this in three ways, either:
* online at via the Council’s exceedingly confusing consultation portal or
* by emailing the planners at or
* writing to them at Strategic Policy Team, Cornwall Council, Planning and Regeneration, Circuit House, St Clement Street, Truro TR1 1DT

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