New Book and Review – River Tamar Through Time e-magazine has been kindly provided with a copy of a new book by publisher Amberley books, to review.

The flyer that accompanied the request indicates it is the latest title in Amberley’s extensive and highly successful Through Time series, in full colour, bringing history and memories to life.

It describes the author, Derek Tait: ‘Currently lives in Plymouth and has a keen interest in local historyand photography. His past careers included working as a photographer and cartoonist. Derek has been writing local history books for many years.

Our regular feature writer Tom Bowden seemed the ideal person on our team for the task.

Tom Bowden reviews “River Tamar Through Time”

1. Introduction:

Our editor asked me to review this book because I come from Torpoint and have some experience in writing old photograph books.

2. Book Details:

a. “River Tamar Through Time” is published by Amberley Publishing and is written and compiled by Derek Tait who is a local author and historian.
b. This series of books have a format where an old black and white photograph is displayed in the top half of a page with a present day colour photograph underneath of the same size. In between the photographs is enough space for one caption of about 4 to 6 lines to give you information on both pictures.
c. The author supplies an introduction and then all the photographs refer to the river and its surrounds and you go from Plymouth Sound to Gunnislake.
d. The book was published in October 2011, price is £14.99, it has 96 pages,
Size: 235 x 165mm, ISBN No 978 -1-4456-0518-0 and approx 180 pictures.


Amberley Publishing produced this interesting format by introducing colour photographs with old black and white photographs. I think many people will appreciate the resulting bright touch throughout the book.

The author, however, is restricted to short captions, and must be careful with his choice of colour photographs.

Old photographs have old characters, ancient cars, lovely children, heaps of horse dung, and something going on. Today you often have the empty field, or a lane, with a few badly parked cars!

I also think that buyers may ponder on the price of the book. My first book was comparable and priced at £9.99 in 1994. Perhaps £14.99 now is not unreasonable?

Having read the book through a few times I think that the author has written a very good introduction and met the challenge very well.

He and his editor have produced a good book and many copies will probably be sold before Christmas, and in the years to come.

Derek Tait shows a desire to talk about Saltash at every opportunity and I have enjoyed his enthusiasm.

By Tom Bowden – 29 November, 2011

For more information or to obtain the book, contact:
T: 01453 847800 F: 01453 847820

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