[Save Penwith Moors] 2.5% is too much for ‘not-natural England’

2.5 % IS ALL WE ARE ASKING FOR, says Save Penwith Moors:

The total ‘Natural England’ target area for ‘Higher Level Stewardship’ in Penwith is 24,134 hectares.

Save Penwith Moors are requesting that the six areas below are left free of new stock proofing and grazing for a period of 10 years using only minimal manual/mechanical maintenance.

This area is approximately 600 hectares or about 2.5% − we do not think this is unreasonable to leave for locals and tourists to enjoy as unobstructed recreational space such wonderful and ancient sites, as:

1: Carnyorth Common
2: Chun Downs/Higher Downs
3: Watch Croft
4: Carn Galva
5: Nine Maidens Common
6: Lanyon Farm (Men-an-Tol & Lanyon Quoit Crofts)

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Loaded to Cornwall24.net e-magazine on 9 November, 2011 by the Editor; on behalf of Save Penwith Moors