[Celtic League] Kernow branch to meet Natural England



The Kernow branch of the Celtic League has been invited to attend a
meeting with Natural England to discuss allegations that they have
been mismanaging the site at Tregeseal on Penwith Moors that has resulted
in damage to an ancient monument by cattle. 

The meeting is planned to take place on 5th August and representatives from other groups have
also been asked to attend to air their views.  Below is an edited version of the letter sent to
the Kernow branch by the Assistant Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Natural England. 

"I am writing as you have expressed an interest (or it has been reported that you have an
interest), in the ongoing issues at tregeseal.  As you may be aware I've been looking into the
matter and am on record as stating that any solution will need to be appropriate and
sustainable and that I intend to discuss the issues and options with those who have expressed
an interest.

To this end, I will be visiting the monument on the 5th August (time to be confirmed), and would
like to invite you to meet me there to consider the available options. 

Could you please respond to indicate whether you can attend, and who you will be representing."

Nick Russell
Assistant Inspector of Ancient Monuments
Cornwall, Devon & Exmoor

0117 975 0671 - Mon
01271 831386 - Tue to Fri
07771 811353 – mob

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