Tamar Rally makes a clear statement

On Sunday 10th October 2010, hundreds of Cornish political, civic and cultural leaders with many concerned Cornish men and women met in Saltash to make it clear that Cornwall is united in its determination to retain the 1,000+ year old Tamar border as its parliamentary boundary. A special provision in the Bill, as has been done for other areas, can and should protect Kernow’s representation as focussed soley on Cornwall and all the people of Cornwall.

The Rally, and the ‘riding of the bounds’ along the Tamar that went before over the weekend, was a success given it’s objectives – however, that was a starting point and it is very important to reinforce this message now in Westminster, as MPs return to debate this Bill in Parliament this week.

Steve Gilbert MP said in his speech at the Rally “If you haven’t  written, write now. If you’ve already written, write again. Don’t leave it to someone else. And then get your family, friends, colleagues and  neighbours to write.”

To help Keep Cornwall Whole, please try and find time to write (with a copy to your MP) this week. We can be certain that with the strong feeling in Cornwall, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister  are expecting a large postbag from Cornwall.

Write (or better email) to:

The Rt Hon David Cameron
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street,

The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP
Deputy Prime Minister
House of Commons

Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP
Speaker’s House
House of Commons


Please also forward this message to friends and colleagues who will be
interested, and encourage them to send their letters in to those in
Government who will make the decisions about Cornwall’s border.

The latest articles and reports on the campaign can all be found on the
Keep Cornwall Whole Twitter site:


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