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Craig Weatherhill: Sacred Stones v Sacred Cows (Saving Penwith Moors)

IF someone took a wrecking ball to the Tower of London, there’d be an uproar, and rightly so. But, in West Cornwall, an unelected quango moves in and, in spite…

AV rejected but electoral and constitutional reform still needed

The UK wide referendum on the proposed introduction of an optional preferential Alternative Vote (AV) system last week resulted in a clear rejection of, in Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s pre-election…

Stephen Richardson: Not So Delectable Duchy…

The Duchy of Cornwall was created in 1337 by a Royal Charter of Edward III. The Charter confirmed the status of Cornwall as being extra-territorial to England. Today there is much controversy about the importance of the Duchy. Is it just a ‘quirk’ of ancient history that has no purpose other than the purely ceremonial or is it the constitutional and legal basis of a Cornwall independent of England? Read more

Chris Dunkerley: Mebyon Kernow – 60 Years on – and still looking good!

As Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall, held its National Conference last month, and now looks to build for the future of the Duchy, it also looks back over the past 60 years that have been significant for Kernow.
The inaugural meeting of what was called just Mebyon Kernow (meaning Sons of Cornwall in Kernewek) took place almost 60 years ago, on Saturday 6th January 1951, at Oates Hotel in Redruth.
There were thirteen people present and a further seven sent their apologies. Among that score of founder members were four future Grand Bards and a future university professor, and… Read more

Fulup Hosking: Fair Representation means respecting the England-Cornwall border

THE Parliamentary Voting and Constituencies Bill passed its second reading in Westminster Parliament and has gone through further Committee stages. If this bill becomes law it will result in the creation of a Devonwall parliamentary constituency, thus violating Cornwall’s centuries old frontier with England. This will continue the blending of Cornwall out of existence and into the ‘South West of England’, ‘West Country’ or whatever people who should know better want to call it… Read more

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