[MagaKernow] October 2013 language news

News in from MAGA – The Cornish Language Partnership


Councils Language Policies

We are pleased to report that three more Councils have agreed a policy on the Cornish Language.
Truro City Council, Penryn Town Council and Helston Town Council decided this over the summer.

Councillor Conan Jenkin, who promoted the idea of a policy in Truro said: It is important that the rest of Cornwall knows that the language is valued and supported in Cornwall’s capital. I look forward to seeing more bilingual signs across Cornwall and more pride in Cornwall’s indigenous language.’

We hope to see every council in Cornwall following these three in the future”.

“Polici rag an Taves Kernewek unverhes gans tri Konsel moy. Pur dha yw klewes bos tri Konsel moy yn Kernow re unverhes polici war an yeth Kernewek. Konsel an Dre Truru, Konsel an Dre Pennrynn ha Konsel an Dre Hellys re erviras hemma dres an Hav.

Yn meth Konseler Conan Jenkin, neb re herdhyas an polici yn Truru; ‘Posek yw oll a Gernow dhe wodhvos bos an yeth skoodhyes yn penncita Kernow. My a vir yn rag dhe weles moy arwodhow diwyethek dres Kernow ha moy gooth yn yeth teythyek Kernow.’  Ni a wayt pub Konsel dhe sewya an tri ma y’n termyn a dheu”.

These councils join a growing number of councils that actively support Kernewek, and of course some of the old District Councils eg. Kerrier.

People Changes at Maga

Following the elections in May, there are several changes in the Partnership representatives.
Our new Chairman is Councillor Julian German, who is the Portfolio Holder for Economy and Culture. We are delighted that Julian is himself a Cornish speaker. Our thanks go to his predecessor, Mrs Joan Symons, for all her work.

Also, we say goodbye to Cllr. Roger Holmes, who was the representative for the Cornwall Association of Local Councils and to Cornwall Councillors Mike George and Bert Biscoe. Cornwall Councillors Tim Beeble and Jim Candy will be joining us in their place.

With the member groups, Rod Lyon has retired as the representative of Gorsedh Kernow and Peter Harvey will take his place.

We are glad to tell you that there are changes in the office as well. Sam Rogerson has been appointed as Support Officer (Admin) and Matt Blewett will be starting in October as Support Officer (Projects and Marketing). Sam is well known already, as he has already worked with us on a temporary basis. Matt has been working for the Heritage Lottery Fund in Exeter and is very pleased to be returning home to Cornwall to work for the Partnership.


Maga Kernow
October, 2013