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Colin a Saw Slippy (Colin Rescues Slippy) – new book in Cornish, available free for download

Colin a Saw Slippy

MAGA KERNOW, the Cornish Language Partnership, has joined forces with Kittiwake Productions to give young children in Cornwall the opportunity to follow the latest adventure of Colin the Coastguard and his dog, Rocky – in Cornish.

Colin the Coastguard is a picture book series that has been created especially for young children and is suitable for ages 2 – 7.

Now, they can enjoy the latest adventure in this Cornish language version and can even, for a limited time, download it for free.

Colin a Saw Slippy (Colin Rescues Slippy) is the latest in a series of popular stories about Coastguard Colin, Rocky and their friends who are familiar characters to children who already enjoy their adventures in books and on the Colin the Coastguard website.

For a limited time, Kittiwake and MAGA are offering the Cornish language version Colin a Saw Slippy as a free download.

To obtain your copy simply email MAGA directly HERE: cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk   and quote the reference ‘free Colin’ in the subject line.

We’ll send a promotional code and full details on how to download it from the Colin the Coastguard website.
Alan Cornish of Kittiwake Productions said: “We are delighted to have been able to collaborate with MAGA, to help to promote and to celebrate, Cornwall’s cultural heritage.

“We hope that Colin A Saw Slippy, as an exciting linguistic challenge for children, wrapped up in an absorbing adventure story, will stimulate more interest in Cornish language publications.”

Maga Education Officer Mike Tresidder said:  “It is good to see the number of books available for children in Cornish increasing, and excellent that publishers like Kittiwake are keen to work on this with us”.

Did you Know?
1. There are currently five English language books in the Colin the Coastguard series and the response to this initiative in respect of the Cornish translation of the first book, will be keenly monitored.
For more information www.colinthecoastguard.com
Or contact Alan Cornish on 01892 665030 mobile 07810 400037
2. MAGA, the Cornish Language Partnership, was established in 2006 to promote the development of Cornish. For more details email us:  cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk

magakernow_logoJennifer Lowe, MAGA   15 July 2013